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With subtle undertones of the sweet apricot and almond flavor, just like this Italian liquor, Amaretto's characteristically mild bitterness is ideal for a pleasant, but uncommon DIY e-juice when vaped on its own. Where it really shines, however, is when it is mixed with sweet flavors of fruits, nuts, chocolate, some spices, cola, or tobacco, where it smoothes out excess sweetness and provides a delicious aftertaste to your DIY e-liquid adventure. Amaretto is a must for the connoisseur's DIY e-liquid liquor cabinet.
This flavor contains 0.17% Acetoin.

A bit of information about Amaretto:

The name Amaretto is a diminutive form of the Italian word amaro, meaning "bitter," to indicate that the bitterness of this liquor is only mild. The flavor is often enhanced by sweeteners like sweet almond and apricots. Because the word amaro is so similar to the Italian word amare ("to love"), this beverage has strong associations with romance. Not to be confused with amaro, a different family of Italian liquors that take a stronger bitter flavor from the herbs with which they are seasoned.




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