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Kahlua's distinctive flavor of coffee and rum and just a hint of vanilla just can't be beaten. You can vape Kahlua on its own as a mid-day treat with the perfect combination of bitterness and sweetness, or you can combine it with other flavors in your very own DIY e-liquid recipe. Kahlua complements other dark flavors, so we recommend mixing Kahlua with chocolate, coffee, cream or dessert flavors. Alternatively, a drop or two of Kahlua adds a pleasant sweet aftertaste to tobacco flavors like Cuban Cigar.
This flavor contains 1.73% Acetoin.

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Kahlua is a Mexican coffee flavored rum-based liqueur that began production in 1936. The name Kahlua is based on the Veracruz Nahuatl phrase meaning "house of the Acolhua people." As its exotic name taken from a pre-conquest indigenous Mexican language and its New World flavor combinations suggest, Kahlua tends to be associated with the idea of bringing a little bit of adventure to the everyday.




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