Stick Gum (Juicy Fruit )

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With its juicy combination of banana flavor and a hint of lemon zest, J Fruit Bubble Gum has the perfect flavor for a "chewy" all-day vape. Mix J Fruit Bubble Gum with citrus or succulent fruit flavors as part of your very own DIY bubblegum e-liquid. We recommend using J Fruit Bubble Gum to go on an exotic fruit adventure, so try mixing it with jack fruit, star fruit, papaya, pineapple or other fruit and citrus flavors.

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Chewing gums in various forms have existed since the Neolithic period. Five thousand years ago, chewing gum was made from bark tar, and was probably used for its antiseptic properties and other medicinal advantages. Although thick, square-shaped chewing gums based on the Aztec chicle were once fairly common, many chewing gums are now sold in elongated, flat "sticks." Wrigley's, one of the world's largest manufacturers of chewing gum and an early adopter of this "stick" shape began when William Wrigley Jr. began giving away two free packages of his original chewing gum, called "Juicy Fruit," with each can of baking powder he sold.




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