JJuice is a team, a family, friendships; working hard to deliver the absolute best quality American made e-liquid. JJuice was started in 2012 by a man named Jon Ross. Jon is an artist who also mixes e-liquid. This attention to detail on every formulation of the best e-liquid is what has set JJuice apart. Jon always believed this industry would take flight one day and felt that if JJuice focuses solely on quality ingredients formulated properly, his vision would come to fruition. In college, a man named Joe Deighan met this quirky, weird, awesome man, Jon; and the rest is history. They organized a group of like-minded people willing to sacrifice pay to build this company. These people lived together out of a 7-bedroom home, boot strapping and putting every cent back into the business; Using a co-packing facility to bottle each unit of JJuice until JJuice got a facility in Draper, Utah. JJuice is a company with a rich storied history of hustling and learning through mistakes. These mistakes have made JJuice one of the most systematic, strongest, e-liquid manufacturers in the world.

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