18mg/ml Nic Shot

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  • Unflavoured Nicotine Shot
  • For Nicotine Shot Ready Large 0mg Eliquid
  • Add 1x 10ml 18mg Nicoitne Shot to 50ml Eliquid for 3mg Total Nicotine.
  • Add 2x 10ml 18mg Nicoitne Shots to 100ml Eliquid for 3mg Total Nicotine.



Nicotine Shot, mixed at 18mg and 10ml bottle size. These are unflavoured nicotine boosters designed for large 0mg bottles of eliquid. When this is added to 50ml of 0% Nicotine juice and shaken very well, then you will have 3mg nicotine in total. To a 100ml bottle of 0% nicotine juice you will need two of these nicotine shots to reach 3mg nicotine.
Nicotine shot ready eliquid is supplied usually with room in the bottle to add nicotine shots. These new changes have come into effect due to new laws and regulations for TPD 2017. You can no longer buy a bottle of eliquid containing nicotine that is larger than 10ml in size, and 20mg in niciotine strength.
These nicotine shots are 70/30 VG/PG and fully comply with TPD regulations.




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