Viking Coils Fused Clapton

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Vikingen Coils
All Vikingen handmade coils are made with Kidney Puncher wire. Kidney Puncher is well known for sourcing only the purest metals and pride themselves in having the cleanest milling process so far, all to ensure the highest level of safety for the end user.

They source all the metals from Sandvik, right here in Sweden. Sandvik being known for having the absolute best metals all over the globe. Vikingen coils being made with Kidney Puncher is no mistake, These handmade, high quality coils have eliminated anything deemed nog safe for you as the end user.
All the coils are sterilized to remove any unwanted machine oils or any nasty and unwanted chemicals on them being sent out to the consumer.

Remember, clean coils will give you the best flavor!

Coil specifications
– Fused Clapton coils
– Metal SS316L (surgical steel)
– Wire dimensions 26/36 awg / 28/38 awg
– Approximate resistance 0.12 ohms per set, depending on installation and choice of RDA/RBA/RTA/RDTA
– Handmade in Sweden

Package contents
– One pair = 0.12 ohm Vikingen Handmade coils




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